Et alors?

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Please let us introduce ourselves. We are Fleur Pierets en Paulien Boom and we are on the verge of launching the first glossy magazine that combines naughtiness with a tough of art, a slice of fetish, a lot of engagement and a bucket of chic.

The first flamboyant fetish style magazine about fashion, art, literature, culture, glamour and icons.

In English
10.000 copies
260 pages
Worldwide distribution

Our personal references:
After getting the degree of licentiate in history of art and communication, Fleur Pierets spent the following ten years running Glamor Is Undead. A cultural event organisation with customers such as Kunstenfestival/des Arts Brussels, Antwerp Open, Fashion Museum Antwerp and Cultuurcentrum Mechelen. She freelances as a journalist for Elle and the Dutch art magazine Isel. She will be the guest editor-in-chief for the January 2012 issue “Women in Arts” of Isel.

Her partner, Paulien Boom, is travelling around the world as a freelance hydrographer. Next to being a Drag king model, she’s also one of the most important spokeswoman within the transgender community in Amsterdam.

Due to our preference for exclusivity, Et Alors? will be printed on 10.000 copies. We create most of our content ourselves for which we are collaborating with a large scale of artists, writers and photographers.

We will feature interviews, photos, art and illustrations from an International collection of artists, musicians and cultural catalysts. Et Alors? fills the gaps between a naughty lifestyle, special-interest publications and style. With a high class take on the people and things we love. Art, music, culture, and sex coexist interdependently, just like they do in our everyday lives. Our contributors and features span diverse ethnicities, nationalities, genders, opinions and media. With more practice than theory, more kink than censorship, and more subversion than advertising.

Our target groups are open-minded inspired men and women within the age category of 25-45, higher social classes executing rewarding jobs and with a tendency to spend their money on high quality, visually attractive and original trendy goods. They can fall in love with a piece of art and are looking forward to be surprised by things they never heard about. Just to get their brains tickled. They do not mind a naughty word or two either, as long as it sounds stylish.

Distribution: AMP (Benelux), Ubiquity Distibutors (USA) and La Mussardine (France).

We are also collaborating with Gallery Strychnine (NY, London and Berlin). Yasha Young, owner of Strychnine and organiser of the Art Cologne fair, will make us happy with a column in each issue about fetish in mainstream art en will distribute Et Alors? in the art scene.

Please send us an email if you want to receive some of the content that’s already finished:

Fleur Pierets (Editor in Chief)
Paulien Boom (Art Director)
Bram De Ceurt (Photographer)
Akim A.J. Willems (Writer)

Thank you for your interest and I hope we’ll meet soon!


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